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Treasury has provided corporate functions to portfolio agencies for over a decade, including the Inspector-General of Taxation, the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation, the Takeovers Panel and the Australian Office of Financial Management. Expanding on this experience, Treasury is delivering these corporate functions to a wider audience through Treasury Shared Services.

Our mission is to deliver customer-focussed, efficient and reliable corporate services to enable agencies to focus on their core business. To achieve both high-quality and cost-efficiency we:

  • deliver in partnership with the private sector, for example, TechnologyOne and Aurion manage our finance and human resource systems and support agency on-boarding.
  • offer standardised systems and processes for each of our services, with participating agencies using the same business processes where possible.
  • focus on providing services to “like” agencies for mutual benefit. Like agencies are typically small to medium agencies, who undertake similar business activities and have similar corporate systems and processes.

We can provide you with the following corporate services:

Finance Expense management, accounts payable, financial management systems
HR Payroll, HR systems
Web Web hosting; website development

Future services will initially focus on the transactional and operational services that can deliver efficiencies through economies of scale and simpler, automated business processes.

Through the Government’s Shared and Common Services Programme, Treasury has been endorsed as a provider by the Secretaries’ Board since November 2014.